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Why are paraphrasing tools essential in Writing? How do you avoid plagiarism?

October 25,2023



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Paraphrasing tools help writers avoid plagiarism and plagiarism online. MAAS writing service can also be your reliable paraphrase service. Work with MAAS plagiarism service to check Turnitin today!

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  • 1 .What are paraphrasing tools?
    • 1.1: Paraphrasing tools

    • 1.2: How do they work?

  • 2. Why are paraphrasing tools essential in writing?
    • 2.1: How to avoid plagiarism using paraphrasing tools?

    • 2.2: Choosing the right paraphrasing tools

    • 2.3: Reviewing the output

    • 2.4: Revising and editing

    • 2.5: Asking for help from assignment service

    • 2.6: Citing sources properly

  • 3. MAAS assignment writing service help
    • 3.1: How can MAAS help to avoid plagiarism?

    • 3.2: Essay services for overseas students in international universities

  • 4. MAAS Assignment Writing Service help
    • 4.1: MAAS Introduction

    • 4.2: How can MAAS help to avoid plagiarism?

    • 4.3: Essay services for overseas students in international universities

Paraphrase involves expressing your ideas or another’s in a different way to be more engaging. Paraphrasing tools enable you to rewrite your paper to be more engaging while retaining its originality. They can also make your text to be more concise and avoid plagiarism.

1. What are paraphrasing tools

A paraphrasing tool is a service that enables us to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, or even a long essay easily and quickly. Your paper would be reworded in a different way but will still retain its originality.

By using paraphrasing tools, students can save time and effort spent in rewriting their paper. These applications would transform your writing to be more unique and engaging.

1.1. Paraphrasing tools

There are many paraphrasing tools that can help you with your writing. Here are the 4 most common tools to advance your writing while avoiding plagiarism online.

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4 most commonly used paraphrasing tools

  • Quillbot: Quillbot supports paraphrasing for papers in 24 different languages. If you’re left with a blank paper for your Spanish class. Don’t worry, Quillbot’ve got you covered.
  • uses AI and advanced algorithms to rewrite your paper into different lengths and tones.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly is a free paraphrasing tool. They provide quick rewording for essays, emails, and even articles.
  • Scribbr: This is a paraphrasing tool powered by AI that can help you avoid plagiarism online.

In case data generated by AI doesn’t respond to your needs, you can always rely on assignment services like MAAS. We also check Turnitin for plagiarism and include a paraphrasing service to avoid this issue for your paper.

1.2. How do they work?

If you’re unsure about the quality of the work produced by paraphrasing tools. It’s important to acknowledge their mechanism.

They use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the original text. After that, the algorithm would restructure your work with its machine learning techniques. To use a paraphrasing tool, you just need two simple steps:

  • Step 1: Copy the original text and paste in the paraphrasing tool.
  • Step 2: The tools would then analyze your text and give back the result in just a few seconds.

Take Quillbot as an example. You just need to copy the original text or type in the blank box on the left. Click “Paraphrase” and choose the tone you want your paper to be in: Standard, Fluency, Formal…After that, Quillbot would analyze your text and give back the result on the right text box.

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Using paraphrasing tools helps a lot with your assignment writing. However, there might still be some inaccuracies as AI isn’t perfect. It’s important that you revise and proofread the output of paraphrasing tools. Find out more about paraphrasing tools and services from MAAS.

2. Why are paraphrasing tools essential in writing?

As we’ve had an overview on what paraphrasing tools are and how they work. Let’s find out why they’re so important for your assignment writing:

  • Free and easy to use

As we listed above, there are many free paraphrasing tools available. Additionally, most tools are powered by AI. Therefore, they will analyze your text and hand back the paraphrased result in just a few seconds.

  • Avoid plagiarism

If you just straight up copy someone else’s ideas and words without proper credit and citation. Your paper would be highly likely to be marked as plagiarism. Which would result in lower masks and penalties for academic misconduct.

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Avoid plagiarism with plagiarism tools

Students can avoid this issue by using plagiarism tools to rewrite their text. Also, remember to properly cite the academic sources you’ve used and give credit to the original authors.

  • Enhance your paper

Most paraphrasing tools would recommend students with synonyms, antonyms, and related words. They also adjust the sentence structure and word order to make your work clearer and more concise.

  • Improve writing skills:

You can improve your writing skills by using paraphrasing tools online. It is a great chance for you to learn more vocabulary, word forms, synonyms and grammar structures. You can level up your knowledge for better writing and speaking skills.

3. How to avoid plagiarism using paraphrasing tools?

3.1. Choosing a suitable tool

Paraphrasing tools can come in really handy, but not all of them are reliable and accurate. Keep in mind these criteria when finding a paraphrasing tool:

  • Quality: A high-quality paraphrasing tool should be able to transform the text while retaining the original meaning. Any important information shouldn’t be adjusted.
  • Security: Another important feature for a paraphrasing tool is how it secures users’ data and privacy. You wouldn’t want your data and your work to be sold to any other third parties.
  • Features: Paraphrasing tools should include various important features that would enhance your work: synonyms suggestion, citation, plagiarism online checker.
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Search for review before using paraphrasing tools

  • Review: A reliable paraphrasing tool would receive positive feedback from users. You can search for reviews from Trustpilot or Reddit. Besides, these reviews would also point out the pros and cons of these tools

3.2. Reviewing the output

It is very important to check your content thoroughly before posting it. It is highly recommended to ensure that your document is completely unique. There are many tools online that can be used to check plagiarism effectively nowadays such as Turnitin, Copyscape, Quetext, and so on.

3.3. Revising and editing

The result you get from the paraphrasing tool is not always accurate. Therefore, it is essential that you edit again carefully so that you can have the best result. There are a few aspects you should pay attention to:

  • Meaning: You need to revise if the paraphrased text is consistent with the rest of your work. It should also retain the original meaning and important information.
  • Vocabulary: The result from paraphrasing tools might not match the tone and the target audience of your paper. To avoid this, you should edit it using more appropriate synonyms from sources like Thesaurus and WordHippo.
  • Grammar: The paraphrased text should follow the rules of grammar and match the tense of your paper.

3.4. Asking for help from paraphrase services

Sometimes, the output from paraphrasing tools might not be entirely accurate and reliable. That’s when paraphrase services like MAAS Writing Service comes in handy.

Our team of qualified academic writers would rephrase your text; while retaining its important messages and the overall tone. You should rely on MAAS writing service to avoid plagiarism online.

3.5. Citing sources properly

Citing can help you avoid being caught plagiarizing. If you don’t do it properly, it can give you bad results. Therefore, make certain that you know the criteria required for what you are writing and do it correctly. Remember to follow the guidelines of your institution to get your work properly done.

In addition, citing references at the end of your research paper is also a good way to avoid plagiarism. And it also needs to follow the guidelines your educational institution uses.

4. MAAS Assignment Writing Service help

4.1. MAAS Introduction

MAAS assignment service is the optimal study method for occupied university students. We are the pioneer in the field of academic writing in Vietnam, providing top-quality academic supporting services to students.

MAAS’s team consists of distinguished professors and academic writers from notable international universities. Who can handle any level, topic, and deadline.

4.2. How can MAAS help to avoid plagiarism?

MAAS writing service can be a great help for students to avoid plagiarism.

  • Paraphrase service: MAAS offers to rewrite your work to avoid plagiarism. Your paper would be 100% plagiarism-free while retaining the original meaning.
  • Turnitin check: Students can experience unlimited Turnitin check with MAAS. We offer 2 packages customized for users with different needs: Single use and Unlimited use.
  • MAAS Writing Services: MAAS provides various writing services, from research paper writing to creative writing. We not only help students with paraphrasing, but MAAS can also write a complete paper for you.

Here at MAAS, we offer various writing services: Essay writing service, report writing service, admission writing service, and even Master (MA) dissertation writing service.

If you are having plagiarism issues with your research paper. Or your plagiarism percentage keeps exceeding the limited percent of your university. Don’t hesitate to contact MAAS. Our team of distinguished academic writers with MBA and PHD degrees would help you to accurately and academically paraphrase your work.

We also offer other academic services, such as research paper writing and essay writing service. Take a look at MAAS Service and choose the right one to enhance your academic performance now.

4.3. Essay services for overseas students in international universities

Working with MAAS Assignment Service. You not only get your paraphrasing done, but you will also excel in your academics with high grades. Apart from paraphrasing service, MAAS also offers online test services, admission writing, and even writing service for Master degree. With us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save time and energy: With MAAS Writing Service, you won’t have to spend hours researching, writing, and paraphrasing your assignment.
  • Boost your skills: MAAS is not only a writing service. We’re also your tutor and instructor. MAAS doesn’t just do your assignment writing, but we also make recommendations and guide you through your academics.
  • Higher grade: You can submit your paper with confidence, as it has been properly paraphrased by qualified academic writers. Your work is now clear, concise, and plagiarism-free. Your essay can easily impress your peers and professors, and improve your grades.

It is clear how essential paraphrasing tools are in writing. They can help you avoid plagiarism and enhance your paper. Hope this article about plagiarism online and MAAS Writing Service would be a great help to you.

Credit/Author: MAAS Team
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