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9 Common Assignment Writing Mistakes Students Make Writing English Assignments

October 25,2023



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MAAS assignment service eradicates 9 common mistakes students frequently make in their English assignments. With MAAS, your assignment writing process would be a lot more accurate.

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  • 1. English Assignment common mistakes
    • 1.1. Grammatical errors

    • 1.2. Punctuation marks

    • 1.3. Spelling errors

    • 1.4. Bad Structure

    • 1.5. Wrong word choice

    • 1.6. Lack of information

    • 1.7. Fail to proofread

    • 1.8. Not availing professional help

    • 1.9. Plagiarism

  • 2. Assignment writing tips
    • 2.1. Understand the question

    • 2.2. Check the deadline

    • 2.3. Time-management skills

    • 2.4. Ask for help

  • 3. MAAS Assignment Writing Service help
    • 3.1. MAAS Introduction

    • 3.2. How can MAAS help with writing English assignments?

    • 3.3. Essay services for overseas students in international universities

Writing an English assignment is a crucial academic task that every student from high school and colleges have to do. It’s hard to write an essay without making several errors. In this article, we will go through your paper to find 9 most common mistakes students frequently make during assignment writing.

1. English Assignment common mistakes

1.1. Grammatical errors

A good essay should be submitted with no grammatical mistakes. If you want to get good grades, a paper with correct grammar and spelling is a must. Typos, misspelled words, and grammatical errors will impact your grades significantly.

Make sure to use the appropriate verb and noun for your entire writing. Otherwise, you can seek assistance from the English assignment service. They can offer some excellent writing services for you.

1.2. Punctuation marks

A text with punctuation marks in the wrong place or written without commas and periods would be impossible to read. Imagine how misleading the sentence: “Let’s eat, kids” would become without the comma: “Let’s eat kids”.

For those having continuous troubles with punctuation, just come to an assignment doing service instantly. They will make a draft for your content, review, proofread, and make everything perfect.

1.3. Spelling errors

Blog Image
Spelling is one of the most common mistakes

Some people are very good at speaking English, but their writing is of poor quality. On top of that, spelling is one of the most popular mistakes among students. Many of my university friends find the English specialized terms very hard to spell, particularly the assignment on health service.

It is correct because some English words are too difficult to remember. And the only way to solve this problem is that you have to memorize the letters for each word.

For the assignment service, they are careful when checking this issue. You can have a flawless paper when assigning this task to the professional writing team

1.4. Bad Structure

Before starting your writing, you should make a drafting paper first. It allows you to put your idea in place. Your professor will normally ask you to follow a specific structure and format. In this case, you should stick to that format.

In case you do not have any guidelines for this matter, just make it as basic and general as possible. That said, you can have three simple parts in your essay including the introduction, the body, together with the conclusion.

1.5. Wrong word choice

Word choice is a crucial factor for a high-quality assignment. An English assignment requires academic and formal vocabulary. However, many students frequently use casual language or abbreviations in their essays.

For example, never use slang words like “lame” or “nobody cares”. It’s regarded as disrespectful and unsuitable for academic work.

1.6. Lack of information

Another mistake students commonly make is using insufficient information while writing their English assignments. Before getting down with a paper, you need to properly research the topic and back it up with evidence. Many university students conduct sketchy research and just jump right into writing.

To avoid this, students should consult with appropriate sources like their instructors or an assignment service. Before writing, seek professional help and conduct extensive research to fully comprehend the assignment topic.

1.7. Fail to proofread

Blog Image
Fail to proofread may lead to lower marks

Failing to proofread is one of the most common mistakes students frequently make while writing English assignments. This can cause incorrect grammar, incorrect citation, and spelling errors, which may lead to lower marks. This can be avoided if you take time proofreading, and scanning all the mistakes before submitting your assignments.

1.8. Not availing professional help

Not every student avails professional help. Some consider an English assignment to be individualistic so they don’t consult with any sources of help. Without proper revision from your tutors or assignment service, your work might

1.9. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a critical mistake. If your assignment doesn’t meet the originality requirement from your school or university, you might be penalized for academic misconduct. Make sure that students always check their assignment for plagiarism multiple times before submitting it.

There are various plagiarism checkers like Grammarly that can help students detect plagiarism and even AI-generated content. You can also consult with a trustworthy essay service like MAAS assignment service to ensure that your work doesn’t violate any academic rules.

2. Assignment writing tips

2.1. Understand the question

Before writing your English assignment, make sure to read the question carefully and clarify the tasks that it asks for. Try analyzing the question with the 5W1H format to have a better understanding of the assignment topic:

  • What: What does it ask for?
  • When: When do I have to submit the assignment?
  • Why: Why does my English assignment ask for this? What can be explored from this area?
  • Where: Where is the English assignment focusing on?
  • Who: Who can you consult with about this subject? You can seek professional aid from whom?
  • How: How can I answer this question? What methods can I use? How can I find the necessary documents for this topic?

Remember to read from the reading list in your module and from other academic sources like Google Scholar. This way, you can gain deeper insights about your subject and have strong evidence to back up your assignment.

2.2. Check the deadline

You’ve just received your English assignment instruction. You take a quick look at it, thinking that you’ve had the deadline memorized in your head. Then when you sit down, begin your assignment writing just to realize that you’ve only got several days left.

Always make sure to double-check the due date. You can mark it down on your calendar, or use “countdown” apps to notify yourself about the deadline.

2.3. Time-management skills

Students may find it hard to spare time for assignment writing. “How can I spend 4 hours on assignment writing while I still have classes and work?”. It’s easier to break the big essay into manageable chunks and schedule these mini-deadlines.

Blog Image
Break the assignment into manageable tasks to manage time

Be realistic about your goal and time. If you schedule to do the introduction on Saturday afternoon, you might get distracted and get nothing done.

2.4. Ask for help

You would think “Why should I ask for help? This is an individual English assignment, I can easily get it done by myself”. However, chances are you might still get confused by the assignment question or the requirements of the paper.

Remember, it’s always better to ask for help from your tutors. Your instructor would want you to do well, so they won’t be annoyed by some simple questions.

However, don’t ask for too much. You should only ask for revision and several key ideas, not requiring your instructors to help with the entire assignment writing process. Otherwise, you can always turn to an essay service like MAAS assignment service to receive total aid with your paper.

3. MAAS Assignment Writing Service help

3.1. MAAS Introduction

MAAS assignment service is the optimal study method for occupied university students. We are the pioneer in the field of academic writing in Vietnam, providing top-quality academic supporting services to students. Here at MAAS, we offer the following services:

  • Essay Writing Service
  • Assignment Writing Service
  • Dissertation Writing Service
  • Online Exam Service
  • Admission Writing
  • Master/MBA/PHD/DBA Writing Service

MAAS’s team consists of distinguished professors and academic writers from notable international universities. Who can handle any level, topic, and deadline. Our services support students from all over the world with their academic concerns. MAAS writing service is a optimal choice if you:

  • Unfamiliar with the deadline density at university.
  • Running out of ideas for assignment writing.
  • Poor time-management skills.
  • Aim for High-distinction or Distinction degrees.

3.2. How can MAAS help with writing English assignments?

MAAS assignment service can be a great help for your English assignment:

  • Assignment writing service: If you’re unsure where to start and you find it hard to understand the question. MAAS essay writing service is here to provide constant support for students having difficulties with their assignments.
  • Paraphrase service: If your paper is having grammatical and spelling errors, or using wrong word choice, MAAS can help you with that. We can rephrase your work to make it more unique while passing the plagiarism test.
  • Turnitin check service

Having plagiarism issues but you’re not having a Turnitin account? MAAS’s team of qualified academic writers, along with our Turnitin tool will help you to check the originality of your English assignment.

We will detect the plagiarism and AI-generated content score in your text. With our plagiarism service, students can avoid plagiarism and AI-detected content in their assignments.

3.3. Essay services for overseas students in international universities

Working with MAAS assignment service. You not only get your assignment writing done, but you will also excel in your academics with high grades. Apart from assignment writing service, MAAS also offers online test services, admission writing, and even writing service for Master degree. With us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save time and energy: With MAAS assignment service, you won’t have to spend hours researching, writing, and editing your English assignment.
  • Boost your skills: We are not only a writing service. We’re also your tutor and instructor. MAAS doesn’t just do your assignment writing, but we also make recommendations and guide you through your academics.
  • Higher grade: You can submit your English assignment with confidence, as it is now well-written and well-structured by MAAS’ qualified academic writers. Your essay can easily impress your peers and professors, and improve your grades.

English assignment is a complex task for every student, and mistakes are unavoidable. Learn to recognize your mistakes and fix them during the assignment writing process. You can also consult with your tutors and reliable assignment service like MAAS for advice.

Credit/Author: MAAS Team
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