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Our Academic Writing Service is accompanied by a team of writer specialists who hold PhD's degrees from major universities all around the world. The experts, who have a wealth of knowledge and research expertise in a wide range of areas, will be in charge of your accomplish writing project.

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Your PhD papers are unique and 100% plagiarism-free

On-time delivery

Our dedication to consistently on-time delivery

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We guarantee the service package grades for your PhD papers

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Reference is examined for veracity. No usage of AI tools as ChatGPT


Your PhD papers are unique and 100% plagiarism-free

On-time delivery

Our dedication to consistently on-time delivery

Score commitment

We guarantee the service package grades for your PhD papers

100% AI - Free

Reference is examined for veracity. No usage of AI tools as ChatGPT

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August 27,2023

How to choose a custom writing service providing quality paper at low price

August 27,2023

This article will present instructions on how to choose a reliable writing service

PhD MAAS Thesis Writing Service Overview

Key highlight!
At MAAS, we offer expert PhD writing services to aid PhD students in achieving high-level academic success. PhD students who write their own essays are commendable. However, delegating their writing to a reputable professional writing service does not diminish their hard work. We provide thorough editing, proofreading, intelligent commentary, and other helpful tools. Rest assured, our erudite pros will ensure the highest quality and refinement in every part of your PhD thesis.
Assignment PhD Writing Service

Why choose us?

MAAS is highly regarded option that can assist you in efficiently and effortlessly attaining your PhD level

Premium Quality

MAAS strives to provide the highest quality writing service to assist you in achieving your PhD Thesis's objectives, including custom, original essays that are tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

A Solution to Effortlessly Obtain an PhD Thesis

You want your PhD essay content to be edited and proofread by professionals to ensure error-free, polished writing.

High Efficiency

MAAS accelerates Thesis completion, customers will be free up time for personal projects.

Information Privacy

Private and confidential service designed to protect your privacy. MAAS is committed to 100% confidentiality of customer information with third parties. Customer information is always our top security priority.

About MAAS Writers

Throughout its 8 years of operation, MAAS has expanded its scale to include over 100 Academic Writers from all around the world
  • An outstanding 5,000 orders are processed annually

  • The word count exceeds an impressive threshold of over 600,000

  • An outstanding 98% of customer satisfaction rating

Our writers

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Experienced in writing assignments in General Management, HRM, Communication, and Business Management with a 90% plagiarism-free rate and timely delivery.

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Have worked as a financial advisor for a multinational company for 4 years and have extensive experience in completing nearly 3000 assignments in Finance and Business Analysis.

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A Ph.D. in Economics and have completed over 5000 diverse articles in various fields of Economics at different levels.

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Completed a Nursing training program and have 3 years of experience working in a community center. I have assisted over 1000 students in conducting research in the field of healthcare.

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A distinction in Master's degree in Business Management from Australia. Previously assisted students in Business, Finance, and Management assignments: case studies, reports, and theses.

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Knowledge in finance, including areas: Corporate Finance, Fundamentals of Finance, and more. My articles consistently achieve a quality rating of 97% and positive evaluations from clients.

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Master's degree with distinction in Accounting. I have knowledge in accounting principles, practical application, financial markets, and I ensure compliance with academic standards.

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Graduated in Business Management and have 3 years of experience working for multinational corporations. I have completed over 2,000 articles for various MAAS clients.


MAAS PhD Writing Service provides you with the best possible experience and exceeds your expectations


Years of experience







Manh Hung - Finance

"The customer support and writing team at MAAS are extremely fast, efficient, and professional. They are always available whenever I have any inquiries. Thanks to MAAS, my thesis was finally completed with results exceeding my expectations."

Hoang Mai - Business

"The pressure was immense as I tackled my first dissertation. MAAS stood by me throughout the entire process, actively addressing my concerns, even across different time zones. I am truly grateful to everyone involved!"

Mai Huong - Accounting

"I am extremely grateful for everyone's wholehearted support. Reading the article written by the writer, I can truly sense the time and effort that MAAS has put in to help me achieve such great results. I appreciate everyone's help so much. Thank you very much."

Popular PhD Subjects at MAAS

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(9 topics)

Corporate Investment Management

Portfolio Management

Hedge Fund Management

Corporate Finance


Securities Analysis

Data Science for Finance


Financial Derivatives

CEO message

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Ms. Anh Do

Founder and CEO of MAAS EdTech

"As an intermediary between clients and writers, MAAS consistently prioritizes the professional execution of all tasks. This includes providing comprehensive consultations and customer support, ensuring efficient order administration, and upholding stringent quality control standards for services.
MAAS seeks to improve its operational processes and policies in order to prioritize customer satisfaction and interests in order to establish itself as a prominent and sustainable business in the academic writing industry. Concurrently, our organization assiduously conducts market research in order to effectively expand the MAAS EdTech brand's reach, not only in Southeast Asia but also in various global regions. To meet the ever-changing needs of our esteemed clients, we place a premium on comprehending and addressing their needs, as well as remaining current on emergent learning trends. It is essential to invest in the creation of innovative and highly targeted services."

Take it for your advantage!

MAAS have meticulously researched guides by our esteemed team of writing experts. Discover the unparalleled support that MAAS can offer you.

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  • Articles are written to your specific needs and goals.
  • Professional PhD articles editing and proofreading to ensure error-free and polished writing.
  • Skills to define, measure, analyze, and interpret business accounting information.

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  • Your personal information is strictly confidential and never disclose it publicly.
  • Complete your PhD articles section-by-section and submit each part for your approval.
  • MAAS's experts make the necessary corrections for each chapter.

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  • MAAS always listens and takes note of feedback in order to improve and enhance our services.
  • Team of experts who have graduated with honors with Master's, and PhD degrees.
  • Manage all the article parts and chapters effectively.

PhD MAAS Thesis Writing Service Price

The order package, accessible for a reasonable cost, provides customers with a sense of security regarding the quality of the order. Additionally, it ensures a comprehensive article warranty and access to highly qualified writers

From 2,693,460 VND

  • PhD Thesis editing support
  • Commitment score PASS
  • Writer with Bachelor's degree

From 3,366,825 VND

  • PhD Thesis editing support
  • Commitment core 60+/100 (or equivalent)
  • Writer with Bachelor's - Master's degree

From 4,309,536 VND

  • PhD Thesis editing support
  • Commitment core 70+/100 (or equivalent)
  • Writer with Master's degree - Ph.D. degree
  • Be able to discuss directly with the writer through the google docs file 3 times during the writing process

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Send order information via email to, or social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram or contact directly via the hotline.

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Fill in all information about the order at Order Request Form and summarize the documents according to Material Checklist and send them to MAAS.

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After collecting all documents, MAAS will send you an order confirmation email with the order number.

Top Universities

Students all around the world have availed A+ PhD Thesis from MAAS
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Monash University
  • British University Vietnam (BUV)
  • University of Melbourne
  • RMIT University
  • University of Australia
  • New York University
  • Western Sydney University (VUWS)
  • Deakin University
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • The University of Newcastle
  • And many more...

MAAS PhD Thesis Writing Service Is Your Best Choice

It's time for you to seek assistance from MAAS experts!

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