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Assignment bao gồm những gì?

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What does the assignment include?

If you need to write an essay based on personal argumentation (e.g., analysis, evaluation, etc.), you should determine how your argument will be structured. Clearly presenting your argument helps to engage the reader, as it challenges them to consider whether they agree with you or not. Remember, a persuasive argument is one that is supported by evidence and sound reasoning. Therefore, use materials from lectures, conferences, as well as your independent research to decide what you will argue. - Introduction Paragraph: provides readers with an overview of what they are about to read and presents a general outline of the main argument of the assignment. - Body paragraph (may consist of multiple body paragraphs): uses supporting evidence to prove the previously stated points and persuade the reader to accept the author's viewpoint in the assignment. - Conclusion Paragraph: summarizes the content and findings of the entire assignment.

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