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The brand story of MAAS

MAAS EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY - The leading education organization in Vietnam in the field of academic writing with a team of distinguished professors. We provide academic supporting services for students globally.

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Vision - Mission - Core value

MAAS is founded to provide services in academic writing which supplies our valued customers with high-quality, specialized products and professional consultancy, and customer services.
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MAAS aims to become a prominent and sustainable enterprise in academic writing, establishing its position in the domestic market specifically and Southeast Asia generally.

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MAAS wants to provide our dearest customers with qualified academic essays together with the most professional consultancy and customer service. MAAS is willing to companion students anywhere, anytime.

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Core value

Service quality, thoroughness, and profession are three core values helping MAAS set a concrete foundation, reaching to sustainable development goals, deserving the pioneer position in the market of academic field.


CEO message

"Being the bridge between customers and writers, MAAS always focuses on meticulous operation from the consultancy stage, customer services to order processing operation and quality control of essays.
With the direction of becoming the leading and sustainably developed enterprise in the academic writing field, MAAS wants to have innovation in operation, and policy to ensure customers' benefits. Moreover, MAAS constantly researches the market, and expands the brand MAAS EdTech not only in the ASEAN but also in other regions around the world, and focuses on customer demand, updating new study trends to quickly develop innovative and specialized services."

Do Mai Anh - Founder & CEO of MAAS EdTech

The journey of MAAS

MAAS's 8-year journey of continuous development
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2015: The beginning

MAAS operated individually under the name "Mai Anh Assignment" and focused on developing the UK market.

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2016 - 2017: Transformation

MAAS expanded the market to Australia, Singapore, US,... with more variety of fields. After only one year, Mai Anh Assignment developed into MAAS Education Group, which continued to accede in the Vietnamese market and completed over 5,000 assignments with over 1,750 customers.

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2018 - 2019: Stabilization

MAAS had over 70 professors globally and a professional quality control team. Thanks to the successful market expansion to many countries, MAAS started to enter orbit and grow continuously to 40% compared to the 2016-2017 period.

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2020 - 2021: Acceleration

MAAS was changed into MAAS Education Technology and introduced Online test service, increasing the total number of customers to 9,600 with 12,750,000 words count carried. MASS grew substantially in number of customers and revenue to 60%.

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2022 till now: Development

Assemble of over 100 professor, reach 54,000 orders, increase total number of customers to 17,0000 after 8 years in operation.






The challenges of MAAS

The first challenge is personal opinion. A significant portion holds a negative perception of academic writing services. However, the direction of MAAS is a service helping customers accomplish their assignments themselves with the assistance of professor-made references which provide them with sources of new idea.

Moreover, the number of competitors of MAAS is increasing. Apart from competing with each other in development, MAAS also faces unhealthy competitors that negatively impact the brand image. However, for MAAS, competition implies that the business is progressing in a positive direction, and competitors serve as leverage for its continuous growth.

The final one is the HR problem. How can employees be encouraged to stay loyal to the company? Recruiting and retaining talents is always a challenging task for any business. It requires a range of management and operational skills.

More than a writing platform

MAAS is an amazing and trustworthy companion for students all around the world who always support them everywhere everytime.

What newspapers talk about MAAS?

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MAAS EdTech - The 8 - year journey conquering the Vietnamese market

What newspapers talk about MAAS?

MAAS EdTech - The 8 - year journey conquering the Vietnamese market

With her vision and business acumen, Ms. Do Mai Anh - the founder and CEO of MAAS Education Technology Joint Stock Company (or MAAS EdTech) - has built a team and developed MAAS from a small independent group into the present-day brand, MAAS Academic Writing Service.

MAAS Channels

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MAAS Assignment Help


To receive the quickest support and consultation, customers can contact MAAS' Fanpage.

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Instagram is a channel for quick consultation, helping customers understand more about the quality of MAAS' articles.

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Email handles document reception, quoting, order management, customer inquiries, and issue resolution.

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(+84) 979 422 393


WhatsApp helps MAAS and customers connect quickly across countries around the world.

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MAAS Assignment Help


MAAS connects with millions of customers through specialized trend-focused videos, catering to their specific interests.

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MAAS Writing Service


The most popular and fastest support channel for customers to contact MAAS in Vietnam is available through our hotline.