What are the services at MAAS?

December 8,2023


Currently, MAAS is providing 3 main types of services: Assignment Writing Service, Dissertation Writing Service, and Online Test Service. As follows:

1. Assignment Writing Service

  • Annotated bibliography Writing Service
  • Assignment Writing Service
  • Business Analysis Writing Service
  • Case studies Writing Service
  • Coursework Service
  • Creative Writing Service
  • Essay Writing Service
  • Homework Writing Service
  • Paraphrase Service
  • Personal Statement Service
  • PowerPoint PPT Presentation Service
  • Presentation Service
  • Proposal Writing Service
  • Reflection Essay Writing Service
  • Report Writing Service
  • Research Paper Service
  • Research Project Service
  • Research Report Service
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Turnitin AI Check
  • Turnitin Check

2. Dissertation Writing Service

  • Capstone Project Service
  • Conclusions & Recommendations
  • Data Analysis and Findings
  • Dissertation Proposal Writing Service
  • Dissertation Writing Service
  • Internship Report
  • Introduction Writing Service
  • Literature Review Writing Service
  • Methodology - Research Strategy
  • Research Project Service
  • SPSS | R | Python software service
  • Thesis defense Service
  • Thesis Writing Service

3. Online Test Service

  • Multiple Choice Question Online Services
  • Online Exams Service
  • Online Quiz Service
  • Online University Exam
  • Writing Online Exams


In over 8 years of formation and development, MAAS has continuously improved and expanded its services to compete with large Writing Service companies worldwide. To date, MAAS has firmly established its position in the academic field and has captured more than 85% of the market share in Vietnam. MAAS reaches more than 50% of potential customers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries.